2004-08-22 18:28:43 ET

wow some people are fucking idiots.

i mean you cant get a boifriends in real life so you go to this certain online commmunity and hit ona ll these totally deperate guys and have a new "online" boifriend every month or so.

then when they meet you and are like yeh your lame and decide to go after someone else.

you fucking do stoopid low class things like cause them nothing but trouble and then call certain people and make up stories so that they get punished for crimes they didn't even commit.


you are a really cool person and i sincerly hope you lead a fullfilling happy life.

i wish you nothing but karma that comes back to kick you in your ugly ass.

2004-08-22 18:33:42 ET

"you just got moved to the top of my christmas card list"

2004-08-22 18:35:06 ET

i cant wait until then!!!

i think i might have to make a trip to come see you and kick some fucking ass.

2004-08-22 18:39:12 ET

Road trip!!!! XXOOXX
We should get Rachel in on this <333

2004-08-22 18:40:29 ET


whoever she is.

but i must have my amadacore too!

2004-08-22 18:41:29 ET

I love Amanda!! Shed def. go.

2004-08-22 18:42:40 ET

yay. scvhm-0---0-0---00--t

2004-08-22 18:44:57 ET

LOL Amanda knows boy too! <333

2004-08-22 18:45:53 ET

nice nice.

how great.

2004-08-22 18:46:35 ET

I know... all partners in crime <333

2004-08-22 19:02:39 ET

fucking eh.

2004-08-23 00:54:44 ET

Lol.... itd be worth it... youd feel some sense of accomplishment ridding the world of ugliness and ignorant bitches...

2004-08-23 10:14:41 ET

dont forget pathetic and immature.

2004-08-23 13:04:24 ET

How could I forget....

2004-08-25 18:02:35 ET


Boy is my brother hehe....we will KILL...who are we killin?

2004-08-25 21:03:35 ET

hey u gusy kno any free hosting sites?

2004-08-26 07:13:43 ET

Rachel you twat did you not read any of this!!!! Think real h ard.... who the ONE person I hate most out of anyone in the world.... and on THIS site, my love??...... haha THATS RIGHT BEEITCH, IT dies

Ask the lovely Jenni

2004-08-26 16:35:28 ET

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! TASHA!!!!!! And for anyone who reads this and doesnt know who that is I should prlly fix that for you (sarasidel)
thats fucking FUNNY! *killkillkill*

2004-08-26 18:10:18 ET

Lol godamnit, edit that shit you dumbfuck lol.... do you want to go to jail!? god damn

2004-08-27 17:47:35 ET

fuck no....what the fuck is she gonna do? call the police "someone said they were going to kill me online, will you throw them in jail" HOW BOUT NO!

2004-08-27 18:37:44 ET

fuck she whud tho.

2004-08-27 18:43:46 ET

lol omg...this is TOO FUCKING FUNNY!
ill beat her ass

2004-08-27 18:59:58 ET

You mean her dead body after I beat her face in with my baseball bat?? They wont recognize her.... shell look SO much better than she does right now! Shit

2004-08-27 19:31:30 ET


so true. fucking ugly bitch.

what a depsprate ho.

2004-08-28 15:34:49 ET


2004-08-28 17:07:24 ET


2004-08-29 14:30:46 ET

oh...I now love you

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