2004-08-31 09:33:04 ET

ok i've decided i am totally goin to get TURNTABLES AGAIN!

its a must.

i am missing out on way too many good mix opportunities.

2004-08-31 10:04:41 ET

i had a mixer and two turn tables, i just stared at them. i really didn't think i could mix judas priest and depeche mode, or the locust and gravy train.

2004-08-31 15:10:55 ET

mmmmmmmmmmmm judas priest!

2004-09-03 18:31:54 ET

Youre so hot, I swear

2004-09-03 18:50:10 ET

fuck you too.

2004-09-03 18:51:40 ET

.... I wasnt being sarcastic... :(

2004-09-03 19:35:20 ET

hahaha no hun!

i meant. like fuck. you too.

like fuck man. you are sexy too.


2004-09-03 19:37:22 ET

Oh good lol... I was sad

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