2004-09-08 20:51:27 ET

so yeh. my page is nothing like i exspected.

imma have to work on it alot more i guess.

these are the time i really wish i knew HTML.

2004-09-08 21:46:40 ET

what ya need baybeee.... dood go to the myspac little help site, you can get like anything on there.

2004-09-08 21:49:54 ET

help site?

hmm well you see i am really blonde and dumb.

and have done way too many drugs in my day. i dont absorb anything.

fuck its really bad. plus extrmely ADHD so its hard for me to read directions that are complex like that.

2004-09-08 22:29:54 ET

EEEEEE.... I hate drugs... I really do... good way to kill someone though. Ah, have someone pimp it out for oyu

2004-09-08 23:46:28 ET

there is a lot of HTML sites... where you can copy paste codes... it's not too hard to figure out... despite the amount of drugs you've used...

2004-09-09 08:38:25 ET

your hurts! it hurts! :P

2004-09-09 09:54:09 ET

cope n paste? can you link me to them.

oh no sam! does it?

sorry hun like isaid im tryiong to calm it down. its lik me.

i hurt ppl too when im around. hahaha.

2004-09-09 13:46:59 ET

haha, oh no. it's just extremely bright on the eyes!

2004-09-09 15:07:07 ET

Html Goodies it should have a lot of info on there... and codes you can copy paste... and it'll tell you what goes where and such...

2004-09-09 16:38:23 ET

aww sam. SUCK IT UP.

and thans ap. i will czech it out later.

2004-09-09 19:19:24 ET

nah, i like being a baby.

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