oOlala. i might flail yes i will.
2004-09-12 15:05:40 ET

just cleaned my car. nopw im goint o shower then cut some of my hair off. then i might go flail tonight.

woooot. i havent flaile din a looooooong time tho.

be careful!

p.s whiteney murdered a soundbwoy!

p.p.s HOLY FUCK CLICK THIS ----> http://www.predicta.com/

2004-09-12 17:02:28 ET

you find the coolest little sites, Im so glad I dont have a credit card.

2004-09-12 17:30:48 ET

i kno hey!

2004-09-12 17:35:16 ET

WOW! They are awesome. I like Chalet.

2004-09-12 18:36:50 ET

damn. reminds me that I have to wash my car as well. SEems like the only time I ever get to see its true color is during the winter time when it rains.

2004-09-12 18:45:53 ET

haha yeh.

i dont think mine has been cleaned since spring. now it smells better i have to shampoo the carpets n stuff.

this week ima goint o buy shit for my car.

like junper cables. first aid kit. etc.

2004-09-13 00:23:38 ET

.... what the poo.... whend you add the pic of you and the rory??!
Its hawt, I want your hair, bad

2004-09-13 00:38:29 ET

awhile ago hun!

EVERYONE i meet in my entire life wants my hair but me.

it used to be really thick.. until i became malnurished and it all fell out when i became a methhead years ago.

and it hasnt grown back since.

hmmm i actrually never asked my doc about that. i wonder if it will grow back?

2004-09-13 10:41:23 ET

I have no idea. I just want your pretty blackness.... ohhhh looveee

.... everyone wants my nails and eyes... its weird

2004-09-13 16:26:46 ET

i have squinty eskimo eyes.

2004-09-13 18:31:11 ET

hawt still tho

2004-09-13 21:22:43 ET

imma dry hump you when we meet.

then fed you candian beer. in hopes that i can get you into bed.

^^^ whoa who was that? |looks round da room|

2004-09-14 13:50:44 ET

Lmao <3333

2004-09-14 16:46:55 ET

omg dora!!

i am so fucking excited for this weekend.

2004-09-15 19:42:55 ET

Shit you better be, I am

2004-09-15 21:56:23 ET

fuck yeh i wish i could scan the flyer somehow and shoe you.

2004-09-19 18:39:36 ET

Aw just keep it Im sure ill see it eventually

2004-09-19 19:10:19 ET

hahaha yeh i will for sure.

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