2004-09-16 10:26:32 ET


i am beyond excited, its 2 days from my party. i hjave made the invitaions.

theres even a treasure map on the back to the location of the party!!

i have invited far too many people. i am geeting a bouncer even. and i need to find more ppl to pitch on for the keg!!!

so many things soo many things. im gointo go to moms office today to print out jolly roger logos to fabric paint on tee shirt tonight after work.

2004-09-16 10:57:39 ET

thats so awesome.

happy pre-birthday to my brithday buddy!

2004-09-16 11:30:58 ET


birthday buddy?

2004-09-16 14:49:31 ET

we have the same birthday.

2004-09-16 16:20:23 ET

oh do we?

sept 19th?

2004-09-16 16:25:01 ET


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