none of you love me anymore.
2004-09-21 21:43:27 ET

no one loves me.

im goin to od on g.

and dream of my and ryan being best friends and holding each other.

oh and im in like with a fucking godamm 16 yr old.

2004-09-21 21:57:09 ET

don't od on g whatever it may be. it gets better, can't say how much but i can tell you its gunna get worse too. it usually evens out fairly well though.

2004-09-21 22:22:01 ET


2004-09-21 23:44:20 ET

i love you <3

2004-09-22 05:07:28 ET


I still love you!

2004-09-22 08:19:24 ET


2004-09-22 21:39:00 ET

and duh I still love you too! *hugs* when are you gonna come visit me?

2004-09-22 22:23:00 ET


alberta!!!?!?!?! nbever.

unless the flames ahave abother fucking awesome season..then i will consider it and come to a game.

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