2002-07-13 13:05:58 ET

holy shit.

i just finished watching THE OTHERS

whut a crazy intense horrid film.

i am not too sure yet as to react to it yet.

but something in me terrified me to a great extent.

i am still shaking.


2002-07-13 13:07:27 ET

I thought the movie sucked. It didn't scare me at all.

2002-07-13 13:12:29 ET

oh my.

i am terrified.

but i guess its like that for some ppl.

someone who hates a certain movie...there is someone who loves it right.

but there in something deep inside of me that gets terrified about things like that.

2002-07-14 10:10:01 ET

the little boy in the others reminds me of a young jack white, of the white stripes. and whenever he talks i imagine him prancing around being spoiled saying "mummy can i have some chalk-lats"
so i wasn't to scared.

2002-07-14 10:42:56 ET


it freeked me out.

hey dammitworld. "the duckman" was on tv last night.

ahhhhhh pretty in pink.

2002-07-14 11:28:42 ET

it was a bizarre movie, that i still dont quite understand.

2002-07-14 16:43:41 ET

kinda funny.. was talking to Johen Vasquez last night about 'the Others' happened to see him at a club.. we both agreed that the movie played a large roll on the fact it used more inovation on a persons own fears and imagination.. than special effects... very good movie

2002-07-14 18:58:13 ET

wasted youth yes i own the movie, one of my personal favorites. pretty in pink that is.
syntheticdream said in a non-bitchy way was that name dropping?

2002-07-14 20:01:34 ET

oh hell no... if you knew me better, you'd know i don't give a crap who anyone is or were... just happened last night.. and thought it was interesting..

2002-07-14 20:56:20 ET


2002-07-15 07:17:46 ET

ok, just wondering

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