2004-09-24 22:43:32 ET

i really need a boifriend.

i am so godamm high and horny right now.

enuff of this self proclaimed celebacy.

im thru. i need it bad.

2004-09-25 00:29:49 ET

dude... duder.. uhm... you aren't helpin' us that also don't have dudes... dude... :'(

2004-09-25 00:57:31 ET


2004-09-25 01:00:56 ET

nothin' i'm just messin'... errr hope things work out ok for ya

2004-09-25 05:27:18 ET

I have similar situation. Let's help each other.

2004-09-25 10:15:11 ET

lets do it!

2004-09-26 17:09:00 ET

Lol at least you two would be legal.... isnt that right miss ann?? <33

2004-09-26 17:23:11 ET

we can pretend i'm jailbait. If that's what turns you on, babe.

2004-09-26 17:24:11 ET


oh dora. hahahahaha.

hahaha. oh yeh turn me on baby. as my friends call me miss cougar in training.

2004-09-27 17:43:53 ET

Lol whoa this is gettin a little kinky for me

2004-09-27 21:24:59 ET


u kno you like it.

2004-09-27 23:05:45 ET

always baybeee

2004-09-28 00:54:44 ET


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