2004-09-27 13:36:32 ET

holy fuck i fucked up my ears biug time.

i found my old tapers and decided fuck this noise. im sick of not being pirced and put them in. errrr rather RAMMED them in. and i heard and felt them tearing.

fuck. just another reason why i took them out to begin with. i damaged the tissue and scarred them form the same thing. they never healed and always itched.

shud i take them out and have to deal witht hat fact that im a idiot. and never have my ears pierced /stretched again.

or keep streatching them and see what happens?

advice pls.

2004-09-27 19:34:13 ET

Dude...I've never stretched a piercing so I can't help ya in that department....I'd say if it hurts alot take them out...and if you leave them in...make sure to keep am eye on them so they dont get infected and all that. Too bad Sam isnt on here anymore she would know

2004-09-27 21:34:23 ET

i miss you. r u coming for christamsd?

2004-09-28 08:20:40 ET

Maybe...I havent decided...I wish i coulda been there for your birthday

2004-09-28 09:38:17 ET

me too!

mmy car broke down. its been in my yard ever since.

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