2004-10-02 12:09:18 ET

this weekes playlist brought back from the dead.

Death from Above


My Chemical Romance

The Anniversary

oh and its covered in SNOW HERE. YES I SAID SNOW. fucking lame. it never snows until AFTER halloweeen. but yeh i hate this town. i have no "real" friends. all the scene kids are far to fucking pretentious. this is all a load of bullshit. still looking for another job. work 2 job save money work out at the gym 5 days a week. get lots of sleep.

move back to victoria/vancouver next fall a hottie and rich.

2004-10-02 12:10:08 ET

hahaha its snowing! Its plus 18 here

2004-10-02 12:13:23 ET

fuck off.

it sux. and my car is dead. im stuck inside. i want to go to teh gym.

2004-10-02 12:13:55 ET

i saw death from above a year or two ago, they were pretty good.

2004-10-02 12:14:05 ET

whats the temp? my car is dead too...he is parked in the sunshine. I hate him...I want a new car so bad

2004-10-02 12:17:14 ET

yeh they are great. and canadian. oh and i forgot to metnion the red light sting. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

the temp is something like 6-7-8 i dunno. wett n slushy!!

2004-10-02 12:18:47 ET

yeah i saw them too at the same show, i think they might've opened for the blood brothers or pretty girls make graves. the keyboardist girl was so skinny, i think i might have pictures of them.

2004-10-02 13:02:25 ET

the red light sting?

yes how i love my canadian bands!!!

2004-10-02 13:04:51 ET


2004-10-02 13:33:20 ET

mmmm and how about hot hot heat.

2004-10-02 13:54:21 ET

seen them too but it was at one of those huge outdoor venues so it wasn't that great, way to far away.

2004-10-02 15:24:37 ET

oh ok.

liek a festival. yeh i never pay much attention to bands at festivals. im too busy meeting ppl and getting drunk.

2004-10-03 13:10:54 ET

It's 100 degrees in the shade here. heh

2004-10-03 13:11:28 ET

whats that in celcuis? (sp)

2004-10-03 13:17:31 ET

My Da says it's about 52 degrees celsius.

2004-10-03 13:54:00 ET

holy fuck.

i have never felt that heat. and i bet its humid too right. thats the worst.

2004-10-03 13:59:09 ET

No, I LOVE humidity. It's dry as fuck. I can literally feel my skin drying and cracking. Ugh.

2004-10-03 14:01:29 ET

oh thats gross then.

in between whud be good.

its been snowing/raining here for 4 days.

2004-10-03 14:02:22 ET


2004-10-03 14:03:16 ET

i kno its makes me miss BC sooo damn much.

2004-10-03 14:03:52 ET

I need to see some rain this week while I'm not stuck sleeping outdoors.

2004-10-03 14:10:07 ET

why sleeping outdoors?

2004-10-03 14:10:48 ET

I'm a happenin' hobo!

2004-10-03 14:11:36 ET

yeh one of my best friends is moving to vancouver ,bc to be a gutter punk.

2004-10-03 14:14:48 ET

Ew. I don't consider myself a gutter punk, but only because I'm usually employed and I shower on a regular basis. lol

2004-10-03 14:39:33 ET

yeh i kno.

never said you were.

2004-10-04 12:35:04 ET

hahaha- I just feel the need to lord it over the gutterkids whenever I can. :-P

2004-10-04 17:15:28 ET

so where do you live anyways.

to have those temps?

2004-10-05 11:35:47 ET

I live in Seaside/Monterey, California. On da beach!!

2004-10-05 21:13:55 ET

oh i live in yukon canada.

beside alaska.

2004-10-06 03:32:01 ET

yeah... different ends of the continent. lol

2004-10-06 10:18:29 ET


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