2002-07-15 00:44:11 ET

so galens calls me today and asks if i want to go and smoke pot with him and aram.

is he so unaware of my sunday ritual. that i have well praticed since i was a lil tot.

i just sit in my jammies all day and watch tv. not leaving my house.

whut a silly oblivous lil bouy. but i kno he is concerned about me, its always like that with him. he only calls me when i stop calling him. one gets soo tired of always putting in the effort and never getting it back. but it no longer bothers me. this is why i choose to avoid my "friends" and have ever since my return and was automatically deemed the "chemical queen" i suppose i got such a harsh reaction because it was not expected of me.

blah whutever. i kno this entry makes no sense at the moment.

i lack the energy or the mindframe to continue.

i need sleep. the shadow ppl are harassing me.

try and figure that one out.

2002-07-15 00:52:29 ET

art bell? yes i know about the shadow people.

2002-07-15 00:55:45 ET

i am afraid i kno nothing of art bell?

so i think we may be miscommmunicated on the shadow people idea.

"they" are sometimes also known as the tree people.

2002-07-15 01:45:33 ET

is this the art bell you speak of my dear?


if so....why have i not heard of him before.

i must go get this book.

2002-07-15 01:56:13 ET

that review was horrible! that man is great. propaganda! hah, but yeah, i was listening to art bell and he was talking about shadow people. people that are sort of like ghosts but more like lost souls.(not necessarly dead)
and i thought i was being clever, damn.

2002-07-15 02:15:15 ET

oh my.

i have just been looking at this guy.

and i am soooo speechless.

i cannot explain right now. but i want to msg you tommorw.


2002-07-15 02:16:56 ET

whatdya mean? his appearance? yeah hes kinda homely
but hes cool!

2002-07-15 02:31:14 ET

lol no no not his appearance.


i am in zombie mode therefore i cannot speak very well.

i must sleep.


2002-07-15 02:39:26 ET


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