2004-11-11 17:41:20 ET


i am having a hard time linking music to my myspace site. i had it figured out but i can seem to locate the link of certain files. can someone pls help me in figuring out the link to such files as these -----> dogs on acid and "drum and bass arena"

2004-11-11 19:36:17 ET

lets trade art. i want a chubby girl with cute lips.

2004-11-11 19:43:54 ET

can you help me with the links?

i would be glad to share.

2004-11-12 01:09:24 ET

about dnb arena: when you click the track's name, it opens up a new window and plays it. So, If you want a link to a track, you can't link it directly, and you have to link to the track's page instead.

I reccomend ed rush and optical ;)

2004-11-13 10:26:22 ET


any ideas on pages that i CAN link drum and bass/jungle tracks from?

2004-11-13 22:39:55 ET

I don't know any pages that don't use real audio... sorry :(

2005-02-12 16:17:38 ET


you haven't been here in a long while :(

2005-03-29 11:27:17 ET

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa i kno.

do you have lj or myspace hun??

2005-03-29 18:39:25 ET

i have myspace! wheeeeeeeeee!

2005-03-29 21:39:05 ET

ok gimmie yo link sistah.

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