2002-07-15 10:01:50 ET


i just saw a show on the micro chip implants people are already getting put into the back of their hands.

i was watching it with my mom, and she couldn't believe it. at one point it demonstarted how it could locate of the people who was wearing one.

it just goes to show, that alot i have been talking to her about is finally surfacing in the public, think about it, how many of us could possibly already have these chips in us and not even realize. how many of us are actually real.

blah anyways its too early for this kinda chattah.


2002-07-15 10:57:36 ET

i like your new layout!
you shouldn't have taken off your pic, it was cute!

2002-07-15 13:18:58 ET


yes hopefully i will be getting new jpegs.

2002-07-15 16:54:34 ET

Yeah in my opinion I believe that they have already cloned humans...or at least done testing on it...Wouldnt human clones just be great...imagine they wouldnt have souls and we could make an army of Mr. T's and conquer the world (evil laughter)

2002-07-15 17:19:13 ET

oh my julie.

do not even get me started on that topic.

i will go off tha roof.

of course their are already human clones...the u.s government have done faaar beyond the experimental cloning of humans.

merh...anyways i am going to quit while i am ahead.

however we can continue having a disscussion if you like sometime.

i just have no time tonight.

2002-07-15 17:31:46 ET

yes...that is agreed the gov does keep so much from the masses...and yes...another time another place for this discussion

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