2002-07-16 13:15:55 ET


i just swallowed 2 of those hostess cupcake things.

ohhh the gluttony of it all.

2002-07-16 13:22:09 ET

embrace it

2002-07-16 13:34:11 ET


well i have slow metabolism.

so i am just about to go run.

like that will help....i can bet they are like 1500 cals each.

how are you doing today?

2002-07-16 13:37:42 ET

im allright
i thought that i didnt have to work today so i stayed up late last night. there was a call at 10 30 from Wendys(thats where i work) saying that i had better come in. ach, so i got very little sleep and im in need of a shower. But other than that im getting along famously. thankyou for asking.

2002-07-16 13:41:00 ET

oh no.

that has happened to me a couple of times. suckage.

i am very groggy still from my sleep. no more nyquil for me. and it didn't make me feel any better.

2002-07-16 14:01:00 ET

ah, yes those things usually dont work very well. but i am clean now, and jordan is here so i am in a better mood.

2002-07-16 14:55:03 ET

thats good.


2002-07-16 16:18:03 ET

what's a hostess cupcake?

2002-07-16 16:46:09 ET

its like a chocolate thingy with a swirlie white frosting on top.

straight shugga and fat.

2002-07-16 16:47:09 ET

Oh. I know what it is, but I've never had one. I've never had a twinkie either.

2002-07-16 16:48:00 ET

I have a skirt with a print similar to your background. Just thought I'd share.

2002-07-16 17:05:20 ET


that skirt must rawk.

yeh its the very first time i had one too...i also have never eaten a twinkie. and i do not want to.

after eating the cupcake.

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