2002-07-16 20:06:51 ET

tinseltown is on again.

i am really enjoying this mini series from glasglow.

i absolutey cannot wait until i move into that part of the world.

i rilly cannot understand this town no matter how long i have been here.

2002-07-16 23:45:15 ET

ive been in my town for like 13 years..yea i still dont understand it and dont know all of the streets names or nothing =)

2002-07-17 00:04:53 ET

oh rilly?

yeh i know all that stuff..



2002-07-17 06:32:17 ET

lol i know EVERYWHERE here also..but i dont know the street names..hehe i just know visualy

2002-07-17 08:18:50 ET

me too.

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