2002-07-17 21:56:08 ET

so everyone needs to erase their images becuz of copyright .

so i guess most of us are fukked.

i really find it hard to not have images on my page.

i wonder how many accounts will get erased.

2002-07-17 22:06:50 ET

i wish they would have went into detail

2002-07-17 22:07:42 ET

yeh i was thinking the same...becuz if you look at almost everybodys page.

we all have at least one image.

i have never had any problems with the same situation on any other sites.


2002-07-17 22:08:35 ET

yeah i pmed mox asking to go into detail, hope it happens soon

2002-07-17 22:09:17 ET

lemme kno whut info you get hun.

2002-07-17 22:09:43 ET

ten four rubberducky

2002-07-17 22:16:05 ET

hm. i wonder if mine would count as "copyright infringement" I don't think so. dunno.

2002-07-17 22:16:26 ET

yeh ....like whut does count as it.

2002-07-17 22:16:42 ET

thats what i want to know

2002-07-17 22:16:43 ET

can't you usually reply to the announcments?

2002-07-17 22:17:21 ET

I'm thinking maybe all the current television show photos and such?

2002-07-17 22:18:56 ET

well if it has anything to do with copyright i would have to say current and passed, although syko has a pic of megavolt from darkwing duck...

2002-07-17 22:22:20 ET


this boggles my mind. it does.

2002-07-17 22:22:55 ET

but it's not used as an avatar. well.. it was. and she probably got permission to use it.

2002-07-17 22:25:28 ET

its a pic on the page, a copyrighted pic is a copyrighted pic, and besides she runs the place

2002-07-17 22:25:43 ET

but arent pictures from the internet ok to use..its just to easy to copy and save. but how would they know if we have permission or not to use them?? ack im confused to.

2002-07-17 22:26:20 ET

i think its also become an issue.

becuz alot of ppl on sk are overusing some pics and alot of us have them as avatars.

still tho. *poutz*

2002-07-17 22:29:33 ET

no kidding ::sigh:: i love my picture of bille =( i dont want that taken away.

2002-07-17 22:29:45 ET

damn. I like my avatar. this one didn't say it was copyrighted either. soooo.. I'm assuming it isn't. and you're right... it is easy to just right click and save and such. most pictures on the internet are common property as well, I imagine. Unless it is expressly written somewhere that it isn't.

2002-07-17 22:31:41 ET

*runs around in a circle*

m0xie needs to have us reply to the announcement.

2002-07-17 22:31:43 ET

yea..like i've seen on sites that say...its ok to copy and save them..they dont care...or at least the picture will have the website on it..ack..i dunno.

2002-07-17 22:32:36 ET

i am not entirely sure as to whut is copyrighting yet or not?

2002-07-17 22:35:09 ET

I think they're probably mostly referring to Invader Zim and Spongebob

2002-07-17 22:36:25 ET

and pics of kurt koLAME!

2002-07-17 22:36:50 ET

yea maybe. hopefully. i love my billie...hehe

2002-07-17 22:38:21 ET

i just find it odd that i have not had any troubles on any other site b4.


2002-07-17 22:38:27 ET

I really like my picture. I don't wanna get rid of it. agh. i need to know.

2002-07-17 22:38:47 ET

i like it too.

and i love your background.

2002-07-17 22:44:24 ET

ahh thank you.

2002-07-17 22:45:20 ET

your most very welcome.


i need sleep. lol.

2002-07-17 22:51:45 ET

haha yeah, me too

2002-07-17 22:53:22 ET

nite grrlz.


2002-07-18 00:35:59 ET

it upset me at first, but then it forced me to be creative... i like my new page more than my old page. Its more personal.

2002-07-18 05:43:06 ET

this is tru.

i thik i might try to attempt to make some kewl designs as well.

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