so now im effin sick..........
2005-04-01 14:28:27 ET

so now im fucking sick witht he flu or a cold or something.

bah and i really wanna go out tonight i havent gone out in soooo long.

but i know that if i go out drinking i will wanna go out skateing and im already hurt.

but some old friends are in town.

merh i dunno desicions desicions. <-----(sp?)<BR>
but if i go out then i might make this cold werse, and hurt my ribs even more.

oh and i guess there is 60/40 mix going around the the higher percentage is meth and all these coke fiends are going crazee, which means lots of fight and shit.

i dont think i wanna deal with that. man you gottah hate small towns.

2005-04-02 03:59:44 ET

im sick. i just got aaron sick. everyone just getting sick.

2005-04-02 04:42:50 ET


ameriv\can tyo canadian


2005-04-03 09:30:13 ET


wtf did i say???

think that may be a super drunk reply..

2005-04-03 14:41:31 ET

haha yea i didnt understand but i thought i would pretend.

2005-04-03 14:50:10 ET


i guess on friday night i came home and i was soo messed up.

i like replied to every eamil in my inbox and wrote sentences soo messed up

ppl thought it was a virus.

2005-04-03 21:15:04 ET

lol! i make it a point to stay away from computers or telephones when i'm drunk.

have you ever tried snowboarding? all those activities that involve boards are extremely addicting.

2005-04-03 22:21:02 ET

if you dont know which you dont.

i live in the yukon which is right beside alska, i pritty much grew up on a snowboard!!!


fuck yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i have to rember that i sent my momma a email too talking baout how i wanted her to make me kd in the morning and i wanted a puppy.

it was barely readable.

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