2002-07-18 16:27:59 ET

so now NO ONE is going to the music festival.

my mom went out on her a$$ trying to get me and my oh so spoiled bro tickets.

and now i have decided at the last minute to not go.

none of my friends or aquiantences. are going, they have totally ruined the fest buy their non pleasing new rules and riduclous regulations.

http://www.dcmf.com THE WEAKERTHANS were going to be there for christ sake.

*pouts* ah well....we are going to throw a huge a$$ed bush party to anti-fest. already we are exspecting 500+ in attendance...if we get more than i thik we will get a generater and have some bands play.

blah. bored tired n sad.

2002-07-18 16:31:56 ET

So your going to miss The Weakerthans??? Awww, I dono if thats such a good idea.

2002-07-18 16:42:54 ET

go anyway. screw not knowing anyone. its more fun that way.

2002-07-18 17:05:41 ET

if you knew whut this town was like.

you would completely understand of me not wanting to go by myslef.

i have no ride or tent anyway.

2002-07-18 17:08:57 ET

welll the no ride thing might be a bit of a problem

2002-07-18 17:10:22 ET

yes and if i attempted to hitch...i would either get raped or eaten by a big bear.

2002-07-18 17:11:40 ET

or raped by the big bear then eaten

2002-07-18 17:16:35 ET

see now that is scary. *meep*

2002-07-18 17:26:49 ET

public transportation?

2002-07-18 20:02:05 ET


i live in deep northern canda.

we only have public trans. out of my town to the south.

2002-07-19 07:09:04 ET

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