2002-07-18 17:07:19 ET

imma go rent some movies.

i need some suggestions. so far i will be renting.

SLC punk
sid n nancy

and cleopatra jones if they have it.

but i need more to quilfy for the wekk long rental package.

2002-07-18 17:08:41 ET

the last star fighter. that movie rocked!

2002-07-18 17:10:54 ET

wassit aboot?

2002-07-18 17:11:07 ET

i cant stand any of those movies except lolita... ahh i love me my jeremey irons...... i would have to say of course mst3k the movie and Killer Klowns :D

2002-07-18 17:12:17 ET

hehe it's actually a really cheesey ass 80's movie. but it's still good. it's about a kid who plays a video game and get's sent into space to actually play in real life. he has to save earth or something.

2002-07-18 17:12:39 ET

the Manchurian candidate. always a good one. if you like old movies. and frank sinatra.

2002-07-18 17:12:58 ET

what about das boot?

2002-07-18 17:13:18 ET

yea the last starfighter, it reminds me too much of the empier strikes back to

2002-07-18 17:14:04 ET

haha I can't believe no one has seen it!! I must be getting old :(

2002-07-18 17:14:17 ET

ohh thats a good movie too, but get the version that has subtitles, its so much better

2002-07-18 17:15:03 ET

no your not old that movie is still fresh in my mind

2002-07-18 17:16:54 ET

I completely agree! (on both comments greengirrl)

2002-07-18 17:18:00 ET

hmm....i wonder why i dont kno aboot the starfighter one.

i am an 80'z kidd. (bite)

2002-07-18 17:18:18 ET

it was on tcm the other day it was all chopped up and dubed over tho

2002-07-18 17:18:56 ET

ah that sucks. well what kinda movie are you in the mood for?

2002-07-18 17:19:31 ET


does it have bad words.

yes odd girl out i shall czech to see if the sinatra one is there alos.

out movie stores suck a$$ here.

2002-07-18 17:22:12 ET

no its was originally made in German so they cut the sound and dubbed over it in English

2002-07-18 17:36:30 ET

There's a movie called "Amores Perros" which is really fucking good. It's a Mexican movie, so it's in Spanish, but the subtitles aren't so bad. Anyway. It's one of my favorite movies.

2002-07-18 19:35:47 ET

Killer Klowns!!! Yes! That movie actually scares me.

2002-07-18 20:03:07 ET

i dunno if i wanna watch a movie bout killer klownz.

reg non killing clows scare me enuff.

2002-07-18 20:05:09 ET

oh, well mark that off then, lol.

2002-07-18 20:19:49 ET


well i decided to go for the week long package tommorow night.

tonight i am got shallow hal and mullholand drive.

2002-07-18 20:45:13 ET

trust me its not scary at all

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