2002-07-18 23:54:16 ET

my buddy list has decreased by at least 60%.

the thing that troubles me tho is that i am afraid i cannot count for the missing people.


2002-07-19 00:01:19 ET


2002-07-19 00:06:33 ET

you know, half the people on my buddy list don't even post things anymore. maybe it's time to do some housekeeping.

2002-07-19 00:07:07 ET

i am thinking they have gotten deleted?

but thing is i cannot even remeber who was on there.

2002-07-19 00:16:39 ET

its prolly the copyright thing

2002-07-19 00:20:46 ET

i am tired. but i can't sleep.

2002-07-19 00:22:45 ET

same here.

2002-07-19 00:24:35 ET

i would take some nyquil.

but i will have crazy intense horrid dreams.

and never wake up i mean i will wake up. but i will be groggy and zombie like all day.

2002-07-19 00:32:59 ET

well i'm glad I jsut didn't take too much. I felt stoned the next day after taking that stuff.

2002-07-19 00:34:19 ET

yeh. did you have crazeeee dreamz?

and you wake up but feel high sstill and super tired and like puffballish.

2002-07-19 00:40:22 ET

indeed I did. I was a little worried. I thought it was expired or something.

2002-07-19 00:42:10 ET


now that i would be curious aboot.

or expired robo dm.

2002-07-19 00:43:49 ET

haha yeah. two kids got suspended from school for chugging robo dm. and coming back "intoxicated"

2002-07-19 00:45:21 ET

hahaha oh my.

that would have been a fun giggle.

2002-07-19 00:49:07 ET

haha yeah, it was pretty funny.

2002-07-19 00:49:36 ET

i shudder when i see listerine bottles in alleyways.

2002-07-19 00:53:31 ET

listerine eh? hm... that's a new one to me.

2002-07-19 00:55:46 ET

fo rilly?

whoa. yeh all the time and lysol cans.

mad crazeee biz sOn' k i must sleep before i start on my ebonics.

catch yah on da flipside. chillz latah bOO.

*bops head liek and snaps fingers like ghetto child* mmmhmmmmmmm

2002-07-19 01:20:04 ET

hahaha goodnight

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