2002-07-19 11:22:07 ET

the loneliness is unbearable.

i cannot handle it much longer. why must i be so unlucky t0 live in a town with nothing but clueless ginos and twinkies.

oh the sadness is endless.

i shall continue to wallow in my dungen and dream of my indie rock boi.


p.s joel plasketts new videos ownz me. joel can own me too.

2002-07-19 11:22:54 ET

im sorry for your lonliness

2002-07-19 11:24:52 ET

yes thank you.

its ridiculous my friend.

if you only knew. actually no. i wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

2002-07-19 11:42:41 ET


2002-07-19 12:13:01 ET




get it yet? if you need me to try and explain i can.

2002-07-19 12:40:28 ET

I suppose this will be the time where i just nod my head and pretend to understand.

2002-07-19 13:18:16 ET

ok i shall try to think of a way to explain.

2002-07-19 15:55:15 ET

heh, ok.

2002-07-19 16:02:38 ET

yes, do share

2002-07-19 16:05:11 ET

imma still trying to think.

however i cannot think of a way too.


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