2002-07-19 13:27:20 ET

can anyone help me downsize some pics.

for some reason i simply cannot firgure it out.

and i rilly need them to be smaller. thankz.

2002-07-19 13:44:27 ET

do you know how to use ms paint?

2002-07-19 13:47:04 ET

not rilly.

i have tried n tried to firgure it out.

but there is no ms paint capacity in my fried brain.

2002-07-19 13:55:57 ET

well hmm

2002-07-19 13:58:58 ET

yeh i have some pics that i want to put up...but they are too big.

2002-07-19 14:11:58 ET

well go to ms paint, open the pics up you want to change then fo to where it says image then to where it says streach/skew, then put the number 50 in each box. that will reduce them by 50% dont put anything in the skew boxes tho. just leave those be

2002-07-19 14:15:06 ET

hmm...i shal try .

thankz hun. i need to shower first tho

2002-07-19 14:16:14 ET

yeah i need to wash the dye out of may hair thats been on for the past 14 hours..sheesh

2002-07-19 14:56:06 ET

thats always fun.

2002-07-19 22:57:42 ET

Don't use paint. Use photoshop. Paint just makes em come out grainy.

If you don't have photoshop, you can always send them to me, and I'll resize em for ya. Mind you, it is just a yahoo account, so don't send your whole hard drive. hehe

2002-07-19 22:59:06 ET

i do not have yahoo....and photoshop.

i am soo not 1337....more liek 7331.


2002-07-19 23:07:01 ET

You don't have to have yahoo, just use your email account. That link up there just goes here: r_u_d_e@yahoo.com

2002-07-19 23:08:58 ET


well i think i have them figured out. i put some up. altho i could use some help tomorw.

when i have all mah shit firgured out.

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