2002-07-19 16:39:02 ET

outbreak. the movie is on.

i love this movie too much.

i am in expectance to attend a party tonight. altho i am not too sure how much i anticipate going.

maybee a nap would clarify my decision.

2002-07-19 17:20:40 ET

i can't take naps. I wake up a cranky bitch

2002-07-19 17:39:14 ET

mmm..naps are good..i was just about to take one when i got out of the shower..but i figured if i do i'll never wake up hehehe.

2002-07-19 17:55:10 ET

i never nap...i just close my eyes for about 5-10 mins.

2002-07-19 18:47:54 ET

aw, adorable pictures!

2002-07-19 18:58:13 ET


altho i am the most unphotogenic person alive.

i hate it cuz it watses soo much film.

i want to invest into a digigcam, that way if the pic is nast. you delete and retake.

2002-07-19 19:01:19 ET

haha yeah i'm not phoyogenic at all either.

good plan. i wish i had a digigcam

2002-07-19 19:02:35 ET

well i have a webcam...but it wont work.

i have to reformat my whole computer. its completely fu><0red.

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