2002-07-19 19:14:57 ET

hannibla the movie is on soon.

i am goin to return videos and get junk food and come back and watch it.

altho i do not know if i can handle ray lolitas skull cap action. and then eating his own brains.

see. i just gagged at the mere thought. oh my.

plus i am home alone all weekend. i could not handle nightmares all alone.

*meep* i am soo paranoid. someone come stay with me for the weekend. i have drugz! and lots o food.

2002-07-19 19:19:24 ET

sounds good haha, come pick me up in ontario

2002-07-19 19:25:11 ET

God damn logistics / laws of physics....were I in the vicinity I'd drop by. Sounds like my kind of night. Have fun...don't be too scared - what's the worst that could happen? Don't think about that actually, just watch the movie and remember real life is far more bland than cinema. ENJOY!

2002-07-19 19:27:25 ET

well. our garage has been broken into twice and our house has been almost broken into when i was sleeping all alone.

see when i get the house alone. i tend to hid out. therefore it looks like no one is home.

and i have a very over active paranoid state of mind.

i think i will just not do the drugs. that will help alot. and leave a bunch of houselights on.

imagine me a 21 yr old baby. however i will always be a scardy cat. +)

2002-07-19 19:49:28 ET

sounds like a night o'fun to me. I'd be up for it.

2002-07-19 20:57:37 ET


catch a plane then.

well imma watch mah movies and do sum drugz.

peas. oh and carrots. <don't ask>

2002-07-19 21:43:48 ET

don't get too paranoid.

2002-07-19 21:50:23 ET

i'll try not too.

but but the shadow ppl might come.

hah. have fun hun.

2002-07-19 23:38:28 ET

me and jordan will come to your home, throw your drugs into the river. (im sure theres one around there somewhere) bring some crasins and Wendys food(we work their) and then well have a movie marathon that will include:
ALL of star wars(only the originals)
the lost boys
but im a cheerleader
that one movie you were talking about
and then memento

2002-07-19 23:41:19 ET

i have the original star wars set. *w00t*

and crasins in tha cuboard.

that would be oh so stellar. i could sqOOsh you 2 adorable kiddles.

as for the river...apparently the yukon river is one of the largest rivers in north america (jeopardy teaches me well)

2002-07-19 23:43:33 ET

you have crasins!?
woohoo, yes well be leavin on a jet plain for (im sorry for my lack of basic knowledge of the world that does not directly involve me) wherever you live.
and then you can see how funny jordan is in person. yesyes, this will happen.

2002-07-19 23:44:58 ET

*gazes out window*

some day mah deary. some day *sighs*

i currently reside in Whitehorse YUKON.

its umm...right beside alaska.

2002-07-19 23:46:50 ET

thats what i was thinking, but i didnt want to type that and have it then end up to be in southeastern asia... :)

2002-07-19 23:50:30 ET


i wish. its much kewler there than here.

believe me.

2002-07-19 23:51:48 ET

ah, well, im sure your close to being of age to jet on outta there...?

2002-07-19 23:53:17 ET

of age?

liek move out.

yes indeed. but i actually just moved back in a year ago. i was in victoria british columbia (beside seattle wa)

2002-07-19 23:56:32 ET

yesyes, ah well then me and jordan will just straight up jack a private jet and somehow doddle our way to your house for this marathon.

2002-07-20 00:01:49 ET



night deary.

2002-07-20 00:13:07 ET


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