2002-07-20 06:13:23 ET

swirling bubbling burning acid swimming in empty pits.

something is aggravating it , temparary relief in pink liquid.

covering up the pain, but soon it comes back.

in search of permanent relief, i only kno of short lived releases.

avoidance of unknown creations of my subconcious.

as i try to seek out the roots i am often misled by dreams and chemical warfare.

my mind lost! not knowing whut is real and whut is not that of altered states.

one can only "run" for so long, eventually it needs rest and replenishment.

then only more confused and tired as it creeps into yet another marathon.

as it starts to fall behind, it feels the flames touching its heels.

its way ahead of the game again, this time its different tho.

there will be no more races planned after this one.

are they ever planned tho? NO

always thrown in by some form of sudden invisible force.

then lifted amoung with the "white clouds" as its own exsistence is over.

floating in time, clinging to the future.

2002-07-20 07:14:51 ET

Yes we should.
:::KissA meiko

2002-07-20 08:07:18 ET


i am goin to go crazeee sOON. not knowing who is deleted.

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