2002-07-20 16:23:42 ET

oh my i am sooo extremely tired.

i fell asleep on the white lines about 11 am this morn?

i just woke up with them all over my face and i kno have harsh chem burn on my right cheek.

*ouchies* and as for my below post. i have not done any stimulant based writing for soo long.

mad crazeee biz sOn' hah.

i think i thought put a baking soda compress on my face. that the only thing that reverse the effect of this harsh substance. i look like a mutant.

2002-07-20 16:26:42 ET

whoa. carazy. well, all i can say is ... hope it doesn't burn too much.

2002-07-20 18:13:58 ET

oh hun.

does it ever BURN.

imagine rubbing your face with glass shards and battery acid.

or something to that extent.

2002-07-20 18:17:14 ET

eegh. perhaps some sort of powder would help it?

2002-07-20 18:24:24 ET

hmm....well i did the baking soda one.

i dunno. i have no powder. if it gets werse tomorrow then i will go to the doc.

last time i fall sleep with drugs all over my bed.

2002-07-20 18:29:43 ET

yeah, i should hope so. lesson learned i imagine.

2002-07-20 18:34:42 ET


well it has happened before.

but never like this. oh well. shit happens right.

2002-07-20 18:35:21 ET

that it does.

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