2002-07-20 23:14:39 ET

I thought I could leave
Yet still they pull me back here
My unhappy place

there is no real cure for a life of loneliness and depression. all i want it to be loved. and end this unbearable pain that i have had for the past 21 yrs.

it is all becoming to much to stand anymore. i have the desire to just give up and end all my suffering.

COWARD. bah. this fukken suckz. *sobs*

i want some drugz.

2002-07-20 23:21:24 ET

When you can't stand what's going on in your head, fuck it up. That's what I say.

2002-07-20 23:23:07 ET

well. after about 11 yrs of doing so.

it tends to get alot harder to do that.

2002-07-20 23:24:54 ET

true dat (did I just say "true dat"?)

2002-07-20 23:25:28 ET

fo rilly.

shit sOn'

2002-07-20 23:29:17 ET


2002-07-20 23:36:03 ET

instead of coke try snorting a bullet from a gun while you pull the trigger? ;]

2002-07-20 23:36:33 ET

it's not an anti drug thing just a suggestion if it really is all that bad...

2002-07-20 23:36:49 ET

infact i might try that some day

2002-07-20 23:42:01 ET

coke is disgusting.

thank you.

2002-07-21 00:00:29 ET

live, simply because i demand it.

2002-07-21 00:03:47 ET

Weed is my anti-drug.

2002-07-21 00:07:09 ET

i.... i cant think of that fucking word ummmm.... well assumed kind of works.... but that isnt it but yes im sorry for any offending or am i i confuse myself sorry

2002-07-21 00:12:19 ET

i will try to keep on truckin anna.

but only to sqoosh you.

stamped. no one offended here. no reason why you would.

2002-07-21 00:15:24 ET

any reason is a good reason. :)

2002-07-21 00:18:08 ET

well i must sleep now.


2002-07-21 00:26:01 ET


2002-07-21 10:32:00 ET

yea i second that with Anna...

dont worry be happy =)

i cant write you a cool letter so when you get it you can laugh =)

2002-07-21 12:37:34 ET


jusstah pm me for my addy.

2002-07-21 22:36:30 ET

okie dokie pokie

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