2002-07-21 12:43:19 ET

back to the future II is on.

sweet shibby. i love this trilogy. i swear one of the best trilogy's out there.


anyone wanna make me some lunch?

2002-07-21 12:44:52 ET

whoever makes you lunch can stop by and make me some while they're at it. i cant cook for shite.

2002-07-21 15:30:01 ET

me and jord will bring you some food from wendys. we gotda hook up yo.

2002-07-21 15:45:56 ET


i have never eaten wendys food.

*gasp* they were suppose to build one beside tim hortons but they corporate company said that we didn't have the right amount of population.


2002-07-21 15:48:13 ET

ah, dont worry about it, you arent missing much.

2002-07-21 15:53:59 ET

the commercials make me drOOl.

i have been around many in vancouver and victoria. altho for some reason i never went.

2002-07-21 16:04:28 ET

the commercials lie. wendy's is a bunch of gaseous foods... dont do it, its a trick.....althought their salads are the best I've ever eaten... !!!

2002-07-21 16:06:29 ET


maybe you just have an ulcer or something.

then again most fast food will give you heartburn.


2002-07-21 16:38:37 ET

i dont know about that gas...but the food is okay.

2002-07-21 16:41:19 ET


no gas from fast food here. yumm....i think i will shower and get myself some mac'donalds.

2002-07-21 22:15:21 ET

McDonalds gives everyone around here gas, and wendys only some... maybe its just arkansas?

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