2002-07-21 16:00:46 ET

hedwig and the angry itch is on.

gawd my room is trashed.

a faded blurred weekend of mass histeria will do that.

now to smoke some herb and disguise with my toilet tube filled with downy sheets.

^ i wonder who ever thought of this amazing invention anyhow.

2002-07-21 16:42:31 ET

dont know bout that other jazz but im down with hedvig.

2002-07-21 17:08:07 ET

i love this flick.

2002-07-21 18:03:22 ET

hm I haven't experienced mass hysteria for quite some time.

2002-07-21 18:21:32 ET



2002-07-21 18:49:36 ET

not since August. that was enough for me for a long time.

2002-07-21 18:54:55 ET


it is quite tireing.

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