2002-07-22 14:35:02 ET

nothing bettah then dancin to disco n cleaning.

*ouchies* major nosebleeds when i woke up.

downside of a weekend of fun.

2002-07-22 14:40:30 ET

aww, nose bleeds suck ass.

well, i have bruises on my knuckles from randomly punching walls and poles. but it isn't a downside.

2002-07-22 15:15:13 ET


silly grrl.

yeh i haven't punched my wall in soo long. i need a punching bag i swear.

how have you been sweetz?

2002-07-22 15:23:40 ET

i've been fine, and yourself?

i don't need no punching bag. no pain no gain :)

2002-07-22 15:46:14 ET

but it permannately destroys your knuckles.

i have been ok i guess. kinda sickies.

2002-07-22 15:47:26 ET

awww, i hope you get well soon :)

eh, my knuckles are quite fine. i'll manage. i'm not gonna go insane like Bob from "SLC Punk!".

2002-07-22 16:18:56 ET

i have never seen that movie.

2002-07-22 16:25:11 ET

you should see it. i highly recommend it ;)

2002-07-22 16:35:06 ET

well actually. i tried to rent it on fri night.

but the lame a$$ store here. doesn't have it.

2002-07-22 16:41:54 ET

*gasp* damn that store!

i go to Blockbuster all the time and i can never find all the movies i go to look for. like Office Space and Army of Darkness.

2002-07-22 16:58:38 ET

well i never tried rogers.

i will try this tweekend.

2002-07-22 17:01:49 ET

yay! have fun :)!

2002-07-22 17:50:46 ET

I busted a a big vein in my hand from punching a door... it swelled on impact. needless to say, it hurt like a bitch. not to mention it freaked me out having a huge bubble on my fist.

2002-07-22 18:11:05 ET

shit, ouch! i'm a stubborn kid. i guess i'm not gonna stop 'til that happens.

2002-07-22 18:21:26 ET

half my hand turned this purple/green color for like a month.

2002-07-22 18:56:42 ET

oh my gawd!

are you serious. wow i am very intersted to see whut that whud look like.

it sounds absolutly horrid.

2002-07-22 19:00:12 ET

it hurt really bad the first couple of hours. throbbing and stuff. it hurt a lot, but after a couple weeks it wasn't as bad.

2002-07-22 19:03:17 ET

it made me shudder in my pants. when i read it.

sounds intense painful.

2002-07-22 19:05:03 ET

i think it was scarier than it was painful. because as soon as i drew my hand back, there was a bubble on my fist.

2002-07-22 19:08:02 ET

yeh thats the part i really really wanna see.

like whut if you got a hole in the bubble.

whut would happen?

would you die *gasp*

2002-07-22 19:08:47 ET

haha, i dunno.. since it was a busted vein, i am not sure. maybe not.

2002-07-22 19:12:18 ET

that sounds messed up.

this will boggle my mind for the remainging hours of the evening.

hahah. i have too much time on my hands.

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