2002-07-22 19:02:36 ET

oh my.

someone pls stop me. i must refrain from a diet of "ice" shards and then pigging out on fast food take out.

i mean subway time hortons doesn't even cross my mind.

i go right for the mc'donalds n a&w n kfc.

meybee i am lacking something in the food. and this is why my cravings are soo intense.

but i must stop stop stop. or soon i will be 500 pounds.

yeh.. lameo entries. i watched some geigh show called meet the folks. reality tv is sooo much more fake than normal tv. it isn't even funny anymore.

2002-07-22 20:15:16 ET

a lot of fast food is bad...i usually get sick of it...but on another note!

i wrote you a letter..it's on its way!

2002-07-22 22:08:08 ET

yeh me too.

i got for months n months not eating it then i will eat it for a week straight.

yay i cannot wait for the letter. i am rilly bad at letters tho. so it might take me awhile to respond.

2002-07-23 19:15:26 ET

hehe its ok =) you'll like mine. ( i hope) let me know when you get it though.

2002-07-23 19:32:26 ET

ok for shure.

it will take awhile tho...the mailman has to tread thru massive amounts of snow to get to my igloo.

2002-07-23 20:01:53 ET


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