2002-07-22 22:07:00 ET

ganked from greengrrl.

name four bad habits you have:
1. obsessing over anything and everything
2. a number of hopeless drug addictions
3. bottling up emotions and feelings
4. putting a guard up to people close to me.

name four scents you love:
1. lavender
2. tommy girl
3. hawiian ginger
4. jasmine

name four things you'd never wear:
1. mini skirt by itself
2. tube top (boobs are too big)
3. pleated carrot legged pants
4. bikini

name four bands you like:
4. THE JOEL PLASKETT EMERGENCY, whut only 4 slots?

name four drinks you regularly drink:
1. water
2. ice tea
3. blue kool aid
4. pink grapefruit juice

name four random facts about yourself:
1. i am the only girl skateboarder in my hometown.
2. i have an unbeliveable weak bladder.
3. i am the only girl i know who does not masterbate.
4. i do not get along well with nudity.

2002-07-22 22:09:00 ET

I would kill for some blue kool aid right now.. and oh, i can teach you how to masturbate, isnt hard.

2002-07-22 22:09:46 ET

yeh well i tried it once.

and believe it or not i got grossed out.

i have no clue why. i mean its my own body right. but i just can't do it.

2002-07-22 22:11:29 ET

yeah some of my girlfriends have said that it grossed them out aswell.. but I dunno how you expect someone else to do it if you cant yourself, ya know what I mean? ^.^

2002-07-22 22:15:10 ET

kinda i guess.

but i just have o desire to do it. some people don't i suppose.

2002-07-22 22:16:59 ET

well, for me, it helps relieve stress. but hey, you are who you are, ^.-

2002-07-22 23:18:11 ET

my boyfriend doesn't either. says his hand jst doesn't do it for him. no imagination i suppose.

I wish i could skate. i have a board, just, no impulse to get out there and practice.

2002-07-22 23:26:02 ET

do it so it.

no need to let the board be unhappy sitting in your closet.

can't you see how sad it is.

yeh alot of other grrls have attempted to skate cuz someone told them it was "cool" or something. they fell and cried n whined...and broke nails and ruined clothes.

then asked how on earth i could do it. i just told them...you can't be scared to fall down or you will fall down. and it takes a long time to learn to balance. cuz us grrls have tits n hips and it makes us floppy.

so they gave their boards away. i just shook my head.

i encourage grrls to skate. you just need alot of time and paitence. and not to be soo prissy.

2002-07-22 23:29:49 ET

yeah. i'm not afraid to fall... sometimes i think it'd be cool to have a battle scar and say "this is from my first ollie" and all that, i just need to actually get myself out there to do it.

2002-07-22 23:36:06 ET

you nko.

i kno alot of really good sponsered skaters.

that still cannot do an ollie.

so don't worry if it takes awhile. heck. i can't do one very well.

i have many battlescars. +(

2002-07-22 23:38:38 ET

hah, cool.. i think i might start again

2002-07-22 23:41:10 ET

fo sho.

do it up!

your board will love you.

2002-07-23 08:33:56 ET

skating.. wasnt that in like 7th grade..

2002-07-23 10:01:39 ET

yeh exactly.

it was "in" hahaha. *bop*

its always chilling to me. i am not really a SCENESTER.

oh well. whutever makes people happy right.

2002-07-24 04:56:53 ET

Skating and masturbation, two of my favorite topics.

2002-07-24 07:25:46 ET

hey jeff.


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