2002-07-23 00:40:58 ET

oh my.

someone just sent me this.


2002-07-23 00:43:50 ET

I don't know whether to laugh or be frightened.

2002-07-23 00:45:43 ET

it's so true on some levels.

.. which isn't a good thing .. er

2002-07-23 00:47:37 ET

the sad part is...I could think of several arguments as to why they should change the part about the woman's role on star trek....obviously they haven't seen DS9 OR Voyager! hehehe.

2002-07-23 00:48:40 ET

i hate star trek.. that part doesn't apply to me

2002-07-23 00:49:00 ET

i am not much of a trekkie.

but it think the link is funny.

some ppl'z kidz. +)

2002-07-23 00:50:33 ET

It's an awesome show. I'm not a die hard fan, but it's entertaining.

2002-07-23 00:52:23 ET

i don't like star trek either.


2002-07-23 00:55:06 ET

Starwars is better, but now i'm thinking it's very lame.

The new movies just use the same formulas as the older. This time the acting is worse and the stuff is just cheaper in general.

I like the Peckard star treks, he's cooler and more British.

2002-07-23 00:56:01 ET

i was jussah bout to say tar wars.

hellz yeh. and i also am not to fond of the new ones.

2002-07-23 01:00:11 ET

Jean Luc'Picard. He's awesome. I model my life after his. Engage.

2002-07-23 01:01:05 ET

i like the way he says Schedule.. and other words. Good ol' Picard, not afraid to be bald.

2002-07-23 08:34:52 ET

lol funny link...

and he's the only french guy i know of that has an english accent... =P

2002-07-23 10:02:12 ET


itz karateman!


2002-07-23 12:25:09 ET

I am a big nerd...and I used to be a trekkie, I used to watch it everynight during the week days...now I dont watch it anymore.\

2002-07-23 13:57:54 ET

i have no clue why i have never seen it.

well i have seent he old skool 70'z ones. they were kinda fun.

2002-07-24 08:13:45 ET

i still watch it...its interesting... better then most of the tv out there. other then law and order, that is

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