2006-05-09 17:48:59 ET

first off i would liek to sincerely apologize to my dear friends, as you can see i have deleted all and any previous blog entries.

i have gotten myself in some hot water with some of my friends due to certain blog entries on my journals, i have the tendency to talk about personal shit that is no body's bussiness but me and the other party involved.

you think i woudl have learned my lesson the last time.

i have been talking about shit i should be keeping to myself and talking about them on my online blogs, without recognizing that they are for public viewing, i always tend to forget that part.

even tho its heat of the monet and caused by frusteration, please note that i dont mean about 85% of the shit i say in my entries, i know i have caused many of you pain and frusteration/confusion. by my actions and words.

i love you all so very much and especially you cupcake!

from now on my private/frusteration, entries are to be left for pen and paper.

once again i would like to apologize for airing my private bizzness out there. and for hurting any of you.

signed with much love, ann.fucking.marie

note: X posted to all and any other online blogs.

2006-05-09 19:02:44 ET

no need to delete. just make it members only.

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