2002-07-25 13:02:18 ET

oh bliss.

it has been raining for 2 days straight. this is sooo gloriuosly wonderful.

i hope we get a mad hardcore thunder storm tonight. then i can go to the clay cliffs and have a big mud fight with the kru.

nothing better then disgruntled people in a big pile of mud.

i had bizarre dreams last night. i miss ricky. but i am too afraid to call him. oh well. just another hopeless boi.

bye all. off to dance in da rain!

2002-07-25 13:19:00 ET

rain! i need it. damn sultry weather. have fun in the rain.

2002-07-25 13:46:12 ET

oh i will indeed.

and then it is off to have a group shower. to wash off the mudd.

hahaha. and drink some saki'

is it all hott ther?

2002-07-25 13:48:00 ET

it's damn hot over here. mmmmmm...saki..
never tried it though.

2002-07-25 14:43:08 ET

Rain is okay until I get 5 inches in my basement... DAMN CRACKS IN THE FLOOR!

2002-07-25 14:44:55 ET

patch it up. *takes sealing accessories out*

2002-07-25 14:46:14 ET

caulking gun. That's just fun to say... caulking gun.

2002-07-25 14:51:11 ET

haha, yes it is. CAULK THE CREVICES OF YOUR BASEMENT. you know...that sounds quite dirty.

2002-07-27 19:48:51 ET

Very dirty...

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