2002-07-26 17:11:30 ET


the stanley kubrick version is on.

i shall clean and chase the glorious white lines.

2002-07-26 17:26:15 ET


p.s. have you gottin my letter yet?

2002-07-26 17:30:39 ET

on tv?

2002-07-26 18:21:41 ET

junkie gal: nope sweetie no letter. it wont be here for quite some time.

and yes on tv. on bravo. its an arts canadian channel.

2002-07-26 23:32:28 ET

i love that movie. fun sting fact: sting makes a refrence to the book in, "dont stand so close to me"

2002-07-26 23:41:30 ET

fo rilly?

yeh i also am obsessed with the lolita series.

2002-07-26 23:51:19 ET

i had no idea it was a series, i just saw the movie once... but i really enjoyed it.

2002-07-27 00:36:37 ET

well no by seriers i mean.

the book. and both the 1961 and 1996 versions.

2002-07-27 00:50:20 ET

ah, i see. yes ive only seen the one with (i think) willam defaux...i have no idea how to spell that mans name.

2002-07-27 01:02:32 ET

hmmm....i ave no clu who dat is deary.

*scratches head*

2002-07-27 15:25:26 ET

the attractive older man in the newer versian.

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