2002-07-27 22:38:12 ET

What's *Your* Sex Sign?

hah. *ponders*

2002-07-27 23:05:03 ET

I got the Cancer one too. pretty interesting since I'm a cancer as the star sign as well.

2002-07-27 23:39:48 ET

i got taurus. then again i had no idea what to answer with most of those damn questions.

2002-07-28 00:02:55 ET

me to anna.

and i am a virgo

alot of those were silly no good answers. like i was none of them...or like 3 of them.

pffttt. silly online quizzes.

2002-07-28 13:46:41 ET

i got cancer also.
and i'm also a virgo

2002-07-28 15:18:32 ET


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