2002-07-28 00:06:06 ET

why must i tourture myself.

in bein painfully hurt and saddend by every little detail.

maybe its becuz i kno that the very thing that i long for i will never ever get.

it is getting more depressing and unbearable.

the caplets and white lines are getting repetative.

blah/ i go to sleep forever. or at least until the next day of my life in forever loneliness and solitude.

2002-07-28 03:54:57 ET

feel better bear.

2002-07-28 07:15:25 ET


2002-07-28 13:48:02 ET

summer months but me in a bad mood. i seem to be at home a lot and bored

2002-07-28 15:24:02 ET

thankz guys.

i will get over it. i always do. but i guess whut i am trying to say is. i am sick of just getting over it.

i want there to be nothing to get over for once.


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