2002-07-29 11:50:01 ET


oh i loved the eighties.

i am remembering all the crazy things and wonderful movies and cartoons and music.

i am slowly re-entering this wonderful era.

i think i will go to the fabric store and make a bunch of skirts n dig up a bunch of headbands n bangles n all that jazz.

oOoOo i wanna have an 80z theme partie. but like anyone would be into that here.


2002-07-29 11:55:39 ET

an 80s theme party? That'd be cool, seriously!

2002-07-29 11:58:50 ET

yes i kno it whud.

especially since me and most of my "friends" grew up in the 80z.

but it woulnd't work.

not here. not ever. maybe if i had kewl fun friends.

but i don't. i will have one in victoria bc when i go back.

2002-07-29 12:01:41 ET

i would come

2002-07-29 12:21:19 ET

me three! sadly enough i have the right clothes for it.
rainbow brite anyone?

2002-07-29 14:42:00 ET

I love rainbow brite. ahh.

2002-07-29 14:56:15 ET


me too!.

ever since i was little. my nickname has been rainb0w for years.

i was her every halloween until i was 9 then i was a punk after that.


2002-07-29 14:57:24 ET

and people wonder why we used to like to dye our hair and all that. look at the dolls we had to play with.

2002-07-29 15:07:33 ET

I would sooo be there!! 80's rocked!

*I still have my rainbow birte sheets from when i was a youngin*

2002-07-29 19:45:08 ET

Eh. I like the '90s more. Grunge style, hehehe.

2002-07-29 20:45:54 ET

oh my...that is just weird...my friend from here was wanting to have an 80s party...I was going to french roll my jeans and crimp my hair and find a jean jacket...agh...crazy crazy

2002-07-29 22:03:29 ET

there was an 80's day in high school & i was the ONLY one in the entire school who dressed up

2002-07-30 20:35:19 ET

agh...when we had eightys day...everyone always did

2002-08-03 15:14:11 ET

2002-08-06 12:25:19 ET

i am goin to go back o victoria, bc for awhile and have a costuime party. but they have to be from a era.

like i may go as 80z teeny bopper. or glam rocker.

+) it whud be intersting to have a sk pawtie.

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