2002-08-07 00:40:31 ET

so my chasing of the lines has come to an end.

i am officialy cut off.

unless i can find another means of supply i am fux0red.

i am in for a mean couple of dayz.

my body feels the horrid aches n burning pain already.


oh sweet crystalline dreamz.

or nightmares i shall say.

here i come.

2002-08-07 11:13:50 ET

it sucks you're gonna feel crappy for a bit, but its all for the best i'm sure :)

2002-08-07 11:24:43 ET


perhaps it is.

but my mental state thinks differently now. but i mean school starts soon. and i need to smarten up. *yawn*

i hope no one has to feel this horrid pain that i feel. i shall sleep to ignore it.


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