2002-08-07 16:12:33 ET

going with mah best boi galen to see the movie SIGNS tonight.

it shud be very interesting. i am into all that kind of stuff.


i kno it will scare me a bit. ah well thats why you bring a friend you can grab on to them at the scary parts.

2002-08-07 22:26:19 ET

i enjoyed that movie.

2002-08-07 22:47:31 ET

it absolutely terrified me.

hah. al lot of ppl we know also went. and were shaking after it ended.

2002-08-07 23:09:09 ET

haha, i know. it was hilarious, at one part there were more than six people who screeeemed

2002-08-07 23:09:27 ET

2002-08-07 23:11:39 ET


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