2002-08-07 22:03:47 ET

oh my.

someone come and sleep with me tonight.

i am absolutely scared out of my mind.

that movie is so intense and freeky.

*eep* i need someone here with me.

and my mom isn't home. +(

2002-08-07 22:55:45 ET

listen to smashmouth. thatll take you from scared to angry at the music industry for releasing such crap.

2002-08-07 23:03:30 ET


good idea.

altho. i am still rilly scared. *meep*

2002-08-07 23:16:13 ET

that settles it. i'm not watching that movie at night.

2002-08-07 23:17:51 ET



why who else was scared?

2002-08-07 23:21:43 ET

i've read other people's comments on it, and they said it was really freaky and all that.

2002-08-07 23:22:12 ET

oh really.


on here?

2002-08-07 23:22:44 ET


2002-08-07 23:23:22 ET

*looks around*

2002-08-08 07:02:12 ET

it kinda freaked me out, but i figured if they came after me, i could take care of em :D

2002-08-08 12:16:33 ET

come protect me mike.

we can get super soakers. hah.

2002-08-08 17:55:20 ET

hehe deal :)

2002-08-08 22:33:29 ET

hummm i dont think i would last in the movie..i couldnt last 10 min 13 ghosts..lol..

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