2010-01-20 18:40:56 ET


ner/zhul baby

2010-01-20 19:38:58 ET

OMG, you're back!!

I don't play, but I would totally join your team for what that's worth.

2010-01-21 03:28:36 ET

dooooooooooooooo it

you hasvew to pay monthly fee tho its a MMORPG

haah check this out

jhahah havebt watched that in soooo long took me forever to even find the site then the vid's didnt work

2010-01-21 05:30:12 ET

I can't. I got laid off so I don't have the money for the monthly fees. Plus I'm in school so I really don't have the time to dedicate to it. :(

2010-01-23 08:37:46 ET

awww hahaha ok!

i need to cut back n e ways

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