2002-08-16 01:12:41 ET


best friend taken away in p0 p0.


searchig for a trustworthy person to have stuff sent to then sent to me in CANADA.

just like make - up and clothing. Accessories.

ok thamkz bye.

2002-08-16 01:19:57 ET

im down.

2002-08-16 01:20:22 ET

although im not down with drunkeness. (just for the wreCKord)

2002-08-16 01:40:23 ET

i had a harsh a mah harsh night.

^^ uhhh what?

2002-08-16 09:27:18 ET

harsh a mah?
oh, sorry the second comment was me worrying like a jewish mother.

2002-08-16 12:46:01 ET

did you mean you were down with getting shit sent to you then forwarded to me darling?

i just do alot of internet shopping and alot of stuifff will only ship within the U.S

2002-08-16 12:50:45 ET

i just remembered something funny.

we used to have this bad joke that was.

someone would say "i'm down"

then i would say "i'm down with the syndrome"


2002-08-16 23:26:34 ET

i would send you stuff. if you really needed me to.

2002-08-17 00:10:08 ET

yeah, i will. and thats pretty funny.

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