2002-08-19 16:52:35 ET


wheres my momma.

i havent seen her in a week and i think they were suppose to be back yeaterday?

*sniffle* i miss my mommma.

and i am still sickies.

i need her to take care of me.

b00urnz!!!!! teen choice awards are soo supah lame.

i think i am becoming more and more anti -tween lately.

2002-08-20 14:02:46 ET

with that anti tween comes the hate for...dundunduuuuuuuun middle school sex

2002-08-20 14:21:01 ET


whut is that anyways?

like a band. or something they talk about in sex ed.

it soundz mad funnnee.

2002-08-20 18:10:09 ET

haha. wel middle school sex is just that. middle school kids that have sex. i dunno, i think its freakin horrible. and i cant really get over that fact that children that are 12 years old are fornicating!

2002-08-20 18:33:34 ET


i kno.....but when i was in middle skool.

i was like one of the few "virgins:


they were all sluts.

whut are they/we trying to prove?

2002-08-21 09:32:31 ET

middle school!? holly shit, those are some psycologicly fucked up sluts.

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