2002-08-22 11:02:49 ET

woo hoo.

i bought 2 pairs of shoes today!!

and more fabric for skirts.

the lady asked why i need such little material and thought i was a weirdo for wearing skirts over my pants.


2002-08-22 11:44:05 ET

geez, what a bitch

2002-08-22 12:44:12 ET


yeh i kno.

i am a city kidd. and have been living in this small town shithole my whole life.

so i am sooo used to it.

a guy at mc'donalds stared at me the whole time i was there. i wanted to take a bite of my food and show it to him.

*shakes fist*

2002-08-22 14:22:46 ET

I dunno if i'd be able to handle that. A shanking would be in order.

2002-08-22 15:25:23 ET

well like i said after years and years i am used to it.

i just hid behind my mom.

but i could still feel his eyes on me thru her.


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