2002-08-22 18:44:04 ET

oh how i dream just to have someone to snuggle with and watch movies.

why is that so hard to accomplish?

it isn't for anyone else!

this is geigh. *sniffle*

2002-08-22 18:48:51 ET

That's not true...

2002-08-22 18:49:07 ET

i want to do that with my ex. tonight like we do sometimes, but she acts weird sometimes...

2002-08-22 18:50:11 ET


well i only wish i had an ex to chill with.

you are lucky.

2002-08-22 18:55:49 ET

i should go call her and see what's up...

she's a bitch though sometimes.

2002-08-22 19:48:43 ET

It's hard for me, and I'm attached. Well... it's a bit odd since he's 2 days away.

2002-08-22 19:48:52 ET


aren't they all tho.

its just all the past and shite.

*whimpers* i am such a whiney bish.

2002-08-22 19:49:22 ET

all alone tonight. :(

2002-08-22 19:50:48 ET

"I'm all alone... no one here beside me..."

2002-08-22 19:50:49 ET


as is everynight.

story of my life. but if y'all saw it here you would completely understand. even if i tried. i couldn't find a decent boi/gurl.

hence why i shall hopefully be moving back to victoria, bc soon.

2002-08-22 19:57:24 ET

well i want to hang out with a girl tonight after i get off work, but i still kinda like my ex. and she would get mad at me...

anybody else hear those whips in the background?


2002-08-22 21:09:11 ET



i completely understand.

this one boi of few. i used to be "involved" with.

freeked on me when i wanted to hang out with anyone but him.

i think he wuzzah bit crazy. hell he stalked me.


^looks out her window^

2002-08-22 21:11:03 ET

people are definately weird.

2002-08-22 21:58:46 ET


i always say people are funny.

i guess that doesn't help me much.

in order to have people to snuggle with. you kinda have to not avoid them.

i need to learn to take my own advice for once.

2002-08-22 22:00:27 ET

i wanted to cuddle and do the boinking thing tonight.

so i let my hand take advantage of me but i'm still missing the cuddling part and still think it'd be easier to go out and do the boinking thing if i wanted, but i don't, not that bad, i'm trying to be a good boy.

2002-08-22 22:12:21 ET

well i do not "boink" as you call it.

and i do not let my hand take any control over me.

i am a very strange sexually deprived grrl.

i was nebver one to just go get some. sometimes i wish i could.

but i can never bring myself to it. i need there to be feeling. yah kno?

meh. meybeee its just a gurl thing

2002-08-22 22:16:39 ET

no i know...that's why i dont' go out and have sex with girls i dont' really know or don't care about anymore...and only with my ex. girlfriend sometimes...so it's not just a girl thing...i'm actually a pretty sensitive, emotional guy most of the time...you just wouldn't know it unless you knew me cuz we all put up walls of distraction to strangers...

well i'm going home, finally off work...lates..

2002-08-23 10:37:35 ET

you're not alone.

2002-08-24 03:16:05 ET

she's over right now...

but sleeping on my bed, always lazy after we...


2002-08-24 11:41:39 ET

*shakes fist*

don't rub it in.

damm your cursed hide.

2002-08-24 20:31:48 ET


still not a content when i'm with her though.

2002-08-24 20:31:59 ET

on a large, overall scale...

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