2002-08-26 12:56:44 ET

had a doc appt this morn.

it was horrible.

why is it so nessasary to have "physicals"

i am sooo uncomfortable and sore now.

but at least it only comes once a year i guess. blah. anyways he recommended me to a dietician so i can talk about my vitamins and food intake and learn to eat right and all that jazz.

also i am goin to go to the gym and talk to a trainer.

meh. other than that i am bored and lonely. why did everyone have to leave again for school and i am still stuck here.

ahhh i am doomed to loneliness and abandonment forever.

2002-08-26 18:55:19 ET

seems like you're always going to the doc.

2002-08-26 20:12:55 ET

i sill lub you

2002-08-26 23:53:52 ET

Junkie : yes hun i am always there, i have many problems. my mom say i am a hypochrondriac.

Karate: me lubbs j00 too.

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