2002-09-03 18:07:08 ET


just as i thought i was ok to return to sk.

my first haunting stomach wrenching blood boiling encounter with the tainted one.

bleh. ok i think i shall vomit now.

i cannot avoid the nightmares that will come with this grusome encounter tonight.

2002-09-03 18:34:20 ET

what happened?

2002-09-03 19:01:16 ET

oh just a little one that i am not too fond of.

and i am fond of alot of ppl.

itz ok now sweetz.


how j00 doin?

2002-09-03 19:10:36 ET

ahhh. I could be doin' so much better. Oh well tho. It's ok.

2002-09-03 19:24:21 ET

yeh me too.

me too hun.

*shakes head*

goodfellas is on tv.

so its makin me feel a bit better. knowing that i don't have to worry about shit like that.

2002-09-03 19:28:39 ET

heh yeah. *sigh* So i'm just listening to music. hoping to let it all float away. It is. Kind of.

2002-09-03 20:01:34 ET

take some dream pillz and lay down.

and awake with the sun in your face. and all shall pass.

*blows kiss* i hope you feel bettah soon hun.

2002-09-03 20:08:49 ET

mmm dream pills. i could go for somma those

2002-09-03 20:13:28 ET

pops a vali at j00.

oh if it were that eazy.

2002-09-03 20:15:45 ET

I think i'mma need some sort of sedative for next week. I've never flown on a plane before, so I don't know what to expect.

2002-09-03 20:17:41 ET

oh my.

fo rilly.

yes go see yo doctah. i have been on a many. and it still makes me nervous.

2002-09-03 20:19:28 ET

yeah. Brendan's parents said they'd give me some sort o' doggie valium if i wanted it.

2002-09-03 20:20:32 ET


like nitrates.

for dogs.

2002-09-03 20:21:17 ET

yea. somethin' like that.

2002-09-03 20:27:02 ET

lucku you.

well i go into dream land now.

ni night hun.

2002-09-03 20:31:27 ET

goooooood nite.

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