2002-09-03 19:57:02 ET

name: anarie
loc: yukon
sex: female
dob: 09/19/80
eyes: brown
hair: blu black/hot pink right now

[ sex stuff ]
are you a virgin: no / not as innocent as i wish to be.
has anyone ever been down your pants: yes / but not for some time now.
how many times have you had sex: oh gosh you expect me to count.

[ love ]
are you in love: no / i am not meant to love.
do you have a bf/gf: no / i on't believe in them.
when did you start going out: n\a

[ friendships ]
best friends: mike, justin, star, robbie, galen.
good friends: karen, jordie, drew, amber,aram.

[ have you ever ]
drank: pffft. uhhh yeh.
smoked: since grade 3 ! *gasp*
kissed the same sex: of course.
kissed the opposite: mos def.
skinnydipped: never.
broke a bone: never.
failed a class: oh yes.
thought you were gonna die: everyday.
killed someone: uhhhh.....*shifty eyes*. hah no!
cried over a boy/girl: unfortunately yes.
had a death in the family: yes. no one close tho.
ran around nude: never
talked on the phone for more then 5 hours: yes, to best friends.

[ status ; right now ]
wearing: rainb0h halter, glitter jammie shorts, leopard fuzzy slippers.
eating: delissio pizza slice.
talking to: no one. :(
phone with: no one :(
time: 9:36pm
drinking: vanilla coke.
listening to: goodfellas / on the tv.

[ when was the last time you... ]
smiled?: hah. reading this question.
laughed?: a min ago at the tv.
cried?: about 2-3 hrs ago / probably will again in awhile.
bought something?: 5 pack bic lighters 3 days ago/ for my puddle jumping habit.
danced?: 3 sat nites ago. / lowells last night at the cap.
were sarcastic?: who knows.
kissed someone?: too long ago to even contemplate. / i rilly need to get out.
watched your favorite movie?: well i am watching one right now.
had a nightmare?: i will tonite from to vile attack from the ONE.
last book you read: wasted / autobio about an anoretic/ bulima girl.
last movie you saw: siGns. *whimpers* i will not see it again.
last song you heard: van mcoy ~the hustle
last thing you had to drink: vanilla coke
last time you showered: yesterday morning.
last thing you ate: slice of pizza

smoke?: about a week ago.
have sex?: PLEASE GIMME :)
live in the moment?: __
play an instrument?: uhhh.....my tables.
read the newspaper?: on occasion
have any gay or lesbian friends?: pffft....lameo question. yes i do.
believe in miracles?: no.
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: no.
consider yourself tolerant of others?: absolutely not.
like the taste of alcohol?: yes. not to fond of the hard stuff.
have a favorite candy?: heart shaped lollipops.
believe in love?: believe in it yes. / will never have the pleasure of it.
pray?: no
go to church?: no
have any secrets?: another lame question. of course everyone does. / and the people who say they don't have more than others.
have any pets?: blue and lady. / both dogs.
do well in school?: never ever have. / undiagnosed ADHD didn't sit with me well.
go to or plan to go to college?: *giggle* actually today was suppose to be myu first day / guess i will have to sign up for winter term.
have a major?: umm... /went to hair school.
talk to strangers who instant message you?: not usually. / they are mostly strange men from pakistan or china at 4 am in the morn.
wear hats?: of course.
have any piercings?: both lobes. and vertical industrial, labret, septum, double tounge.
have any tattoos?: barcode on back of neck and more to come.
have an obsession?: boiz, pharms, animal prints, rainbow anything, retro fabrics, e.t.c. much too much to list.
collect anything?: much too much to explain.
wish on stars?: yes.
like your handwriting?: no. it's gotten terrible.
have any bad habits?: bein too self centered.uncontiously taking things for granted.
care about looks?: no comment.

2002-09-03 20:04:06 ET

OoOoOo. lots o' info

2002-09-03 20:04:58 ET

yes indeedy.

i finally decided to co-operate and do one of these crazee thingamabobs.

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